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At Towers School our aim is that every student becomes the best version of themselves. We want to be able to look back and say that ‘we gave our students the knowledge, the values and the vision to achieve further study, successful jobs and happiness. And our co-curriculum is a vital part of that.

We aim to enhance our core curriculum to ensure that our students are given a wide variety of experiences which enrich and broaden their cultural horizons, and we describe this as our co-curriculum. These enhancements range from character education during tutor time, through to a wide selection of enrichment activities after school. We also provide a number of trips enabling students' experiences to develop and increase outside the school environment.

Any activities which take place during the school day are carefully planned in order to minimise the impact upon regular lessons.


To enhance our students’ experience at the school, we are delighted to offer a range of fun enrichment opportunities, both internally and externally.

The objective of enrichment is to:

The school would like all students from every year group, to attend at least 1 enrichment activity/club on a weekly basis each term. They will however be able to change their options after each term.

For any information or questions about the enrichment programme, please contact

Mr Hurren on 

Enrichment timetable - click here

Super Curriculum

At Towers School we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities. The ‘extra’ refers to an activity being outside of your regular curriculum. This might include doing a sport such as American Football, or enrolling in a First Aid course. Super-curricular activities are those that take your regular curriculum further. They take the subjects that you study in the classroom beyond that which your teacher has taught you or what you have done for homework. For example, you may go into more depth on something you picked up in the classroom, or learn about a new topic altogether.

These activities take a wide variety of forms, including reading, watching videos, independent research, and visiting places of interest.  Each student in years 7-11 has been provided with a super-curriculum booklet detailing these activities.

Year 7 Super Curriculum

Year 8 Super Curriculum

Year 9 Super Curriculum

Year 10 Super Curriculum

Year 11 Super Curriculum

Towers Scholars

Towers Scholars is a programme designed to offer students the opportunity to attend lectures and learn about topics that they may not get the opportunity to explore during lessons. The lectures will cover a wide range of subjects in the hope that this will broaden our students horizons, and inspire them to discover more for themselves. We even have a dedicated Towers Scholars section of the library with books on the topics covered in lectures. We hope that these lectures will foster in our students a joy of academic pursuits and learning more about the world around them, that will stand them in good stead once they leave, whether that be going on to University or in the world of work.

There are regular graduation ceremonies for students who attend enough lectures in a given term, which parents are welcome to attend.


Towers Library was fully refurbished last year and now offers hundreds of exciting new books
designed to promote a genuine love of reading for all our students. The Library also offers
access to chrome books every lunch time and after school, to help with homework and
there are three private study areas for independent learning and revision.

We also have chess and word games available weekly, along with magazines and activity books for students to enjoy.

The wide-ranging fiction stock is arranged in genres which include dyslexia friendly novels and
popular Manga books as well as the traditional sections such as Fantasy, Classics and Mystery
Thrillers. Books may be borrowed for two weeks at a time and students can use their Library
Loyalty Cards to collect points for each completed book, earning some tasty rewards. The Library is the focus for exciting events during the year such as World book Day and Book Buzz and we are very lucky to have a large team of voluntary student librarians to make the ‘book magic’ happen .

Everyone is welcome at the Towers Library .

“I don't believe in the kind of magic in my books. But I do believe something very
magical can happen when you read a good book.” 
J.K. Rowling


Towers MFL Buddies


MFL Buddies 

From time to time, we host students in school from other countries. They are paired up with an MFL Buddy, who looks after them from the start to the end of the school day. They are not required to look after them outside of the school day.

It is the Buddies’ responsibility to

If you are interested in becoming an MFL Buddy, please see Mr. Parker in MFL. 

Homework / Prep

Term Dates


Performing Arts

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