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Our Reward System - PRIDES

The rewards system focuses on five attributes that can be conferred through and developed within a variety of subjects.

These have been identified as core attributes that would contribute to success both in school and the wider world beyond. They are: Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication.

Staff have worked together in subject areas to consider these attributes and how the can be fostered, developed and achieved by students in their lessons. This provides a focus of continuous positivity. Towers PRIDE is about Towers students taking personal responsibility and choosing the right thing to do in lessons, therefore building a solid work ethic which promotes learning and achievement.

Tutors receive weekly updates for the students in their tutor group. These are reviewed on Monday mornings allowing tutors to offer support, advice and/or congratulations to students for their achievements. The system collates all the PRIDES and those students reaching 60+ PRIDE points are invited to tea and cake with the Principal at the end of each Autumn, Spring and Summer term.

The idea that staff are collectively recognising these learning  behaviours is another aspect of our positive and rigorous behaviour system.

A message from the creator of Towers PRIDE, Lucy Pendleton:

The Towers reward system has now been in place for two years. It focusses on transferable learning and life skills that help students focus in lessons, choose to do the right thing and increase their capacity of enjoyment for learning.

The name PRIDE came from a hashtag that many staff were using on Twitter #ProudtobeTowers, and PRIDE itself stands for Positive Recognition In Determination and Excellence – PRIDE.

The system is still growing with ideas and impetus, but we will keep staff, students and parents up to date with any changes made.

Consequences are necessary in order to teach students to take personal responsibility.




Please email Mr. Field Assistant Principal for Behaviour for Learning for further information.  


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