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REWARDS 2018 – “Token and a Treat”

REWARDS 2018 – 'Token and a Treat'

This year we made some exciting changes to how we reward our pupils. We have developed a reward system that guarantees all pupils are recognised and celebrated, and that is fairly applied.

The new system also has some huge prizes on offer for pupils as well as more regular treats. Now all of our hardest working, our best behaved, and our most considerate pupils will know how much we appreciate them.

We also wanted to give something back to pupils who turn up to school every day, no matter what, making that extra special effort to achieve the highest attendance.

This is how the new system works:

If a pupil achieves 100% attendance and no negative behaviour slips for a term, they get a 'Token and a Treat'.

The treats are simple, hot chocolate and biscuits (served by the Principal himself), a special thank you video from members of staff, end of day ice creams etc.

We wanted to give our outstanding pupils that ‘glowing’ feeling you get when someone lets you know you are appreciated and noticed. We also wanted to give them something that other pupils could see, and would want to be part of themselves.


And one lucky winner wins an…

Every token that has been given out this year counts as a raffle ticket and at the end of the year we will draw the raffle and present the iPad to our first lucky winner.

We are developing the system this year, but are really proud to be investing in our pupils’ achievements and efforts already.

Consequences are necessary in order to teach students to take personal responsibility.




Please email Mr. Field Assistant Principal for Behaviour for Learning for further information 

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