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Towers School Grammar Stream offers students the unique opportunity to have access to a traditional grammar school education while benefiting from a co-educational setting. Students will be following a structured curriculum that will focus on achieving rapid progress through an accelerated pace of learning. Alongside the academic programme, students will be given access to a range of enrichment activities which will enable them to further develop their own individual talents and skills. We will also be working closely with the University of Kent to help students think about their aspirations and further education.


As the Grammar Stream students work at an accelerated pace, we are able to tailor the curriculum to suit their needs and create a variety of future pathways. Working as a specialist teaching team, the teachers, alongside the leadership team, ensure that teaching and learning is evidence informed and utilises the best possible practice to create depth of knowledge and challenge for students.


Alongside the academic programme on offer, we strive to provide Grammar Stream students with a range of experiences that will help them to grow and develop throughout their time at Towers. We have established strong links with the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University and, as such, Grammar Stream students will participate in activities led by university student ambassadors. We also visit the campuses regularly to encourage students to think about the possibilities in higher education. 

Current and future Grammar Stream enrichment opportunities include:


This will be updated with information on University Visits and workshops for students.

Year 10 visit to the University of Kent, Canterbury - TBC

Year 7 visit to the University of Kent, Canterbury - TBC

Year 8 visit to the University of Kent, Canterbury - TBC

Additional Prep

In addition to the 100% booklet revision completed by the whole school, Year 7-10 Towers Grammar Stream students will be expected to engage with our Additional Prep. These tasks are designed to enrich and broaden the curriculum so may not be directly linked to a specific topic they are currently studying. The idea that students research content that interests and engages them, whilst still being linked to curriculum areas. This enables students to become independent learners, something that they will experience in life after Year 11. 

Students are able to use the Super Curriculum to support them choosing tasks, if they wish. These can be found at

Students will be given a red Additional Prep book. This is where they record their evidence of Additional Prep. Students can be creative in the ways they evidence a piece of work: written notes and reflections; photographic evidence with an explanation; spider diagrams are all acceptable. There is a log sheet at the front of their book and students will be expected to show their completed task to their subject teacher who will sign this off as completed.


Please see below for the Additional Prep ‘What to Do’ sheets for more information and hand in dates:

Year 7 

Year 8 


Year 9



Year 10

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact

Amy Singleton - Transition, Grammar and Aspirations Coordinator

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