Towers School and Sixth Form Centre

Life at Towers Sixth Form

Towers Sixth Form prides itself on offering a community environment progressive and independent of lower school. Students are guided to become well rounded individuals who act as ambassadors for the school and support the younger students in lower school. Towers Sixth Form ensures that all students reach their full potential and support each other during their journey with the help of the Sixth Form teaching team. The Sixth Form Leadership Team work closely with the Principal and Sixth Form staff to further improve facilities and maximise opportunities and resources for all students within the Sixth Form as well as helping to organise social events. In addition to such opportunities, the Sixth Form often organise and host fundraising events to give back to the local community.

Sixth Form students will be allocated a PD group which plays a vital role in supporting pupils throughout their two years study programme.  Students’ timetables allow for greater independent study where students are expected to spend this time revising lesson notes, completing further reading or exercises and preparing for forthcoming lessons and progressions tests.

Student Leadership Team

Each year a number of students are appointed to undertake the role of becoming a member of the Student Leadership Team. These students have a vital role in our Awards Evenings, Open Evenings and other whole school events. 

Weekly Structure

Below you will find the structure of the school week and information about each of the courses that can be taken.

 Period 1

 9am - 10am

 Period 2

 10am - 11am

 Period 3

 11am - 12pm

 Year 13 PD

 12pm - 12.35pm

 Year 12 PD

 12.35pm - 1.15pm

 Period 4

 1.15pm - 2.15pm

 Period 5

 2.15pm - 3.15pm

 Period 6

 3.15pm - 4.15pm

Sixth Form Dress Code

As a member of Towers Sixth Form, you represent our school. Younger pupils will see you as a positive role model and when we have visitors to the school, you represent the school’s values. As such, we ask that you dress as you would in a work place: professionally and formally. 


N/B: Bra straps, shoulders and/or midriff should not be visible. Jackets and coats can be worn outside only - they must be removed in classrooms.



Jewellery, Make-up and Hair:

Lanyards and Mobile Phones:

Please note, the school’s decision on the appropriateness of appearance is final.

Homework / Prep

Term Dates


Performing Arts

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