Towers School and Sixth Form Centre


Lois K - KS3 Poet Laureate 

Our Life Now

Our life was normal, just like every other day

Until coronavirus arrived, it had planned to stay

On 26th March the government finally took stock,

As lockdown was announced, at 8 o'clock,

Stay at home and isolate was their simple request,

And listen to guidelines as they know what’s best,

And get angry with those who still go out instead,

And Friday nights are spent indoors, on video calling apps,

We are all going crazy at the sound of dripping taps,

But the NHS staff continue, their work is so admired,

Working long shifts, saving lives, even those who had once retired

We should get out while we still can, enjoy our daily walk,

Call family often, with no reason, just to talk,

Some of us are falling out with siblings, Dads, and Mothers


Some of us like to shout about, finding ways to annoy each other


Although these times are really tough, we must stay positive and excited,

As in the distant future, we’ll all be reunited.


Kyle W - KS4 Poet Laureate 


The Mirror before you is clearer then potential brilliance
You get up from bed 

Hung high is resilience,

All that stares back is Pessimism and Lack of want draining your head. 

The mirror only stares back, tired eyes whispering further neglect, 

With the vanishing confidence, you fail to detect

How your misfortunes will become your currency. 


We are buried beneath this molten structure, burning

And twisting through educational pressures, through mental screams,

Through an understanding, yearning 

The answers. The heat holstering hard brandishes and whips, chipping away at our being. 

Yet throughout this seemingly stone coffin we sleep, 

Our smiling flesh dug up shimmering and clear. 

As clear as your potential brilliance. As clear as the future you are soon to meet. 


The end is near. Not when? Not now, but soon, we shall. 

And as the shadow will leave your eyes, 

Nothing but light will bathe you, now closer to the demise

Of this imprisonment,

Wings will slap the ash from your shoulders, straighten your collar and hold your head. 

It is over, the wicked restraints fall silent, now dead. 

Throughout the binding bereavement you have endured, your soul has changed,

Has compressed, has cleansed, has erupted in flares of flashing lights, your fear caved. 

The mirror may be clear, yet your reflection stares blinding into your challenges. 

For you have undergone this troublesome turmoil. 

Your battered fists could take on the world,


Quarantine diamonds, your compression of normality, 

Shall bring brevity

to your journey for success. This catastrophic mania we are placed

Shall be the blueprints to your grace.

Diamond stay shining, your worth is not known to you,

But the world values your existence and shall sacrifice many only for you,

You’ll take this time and churn it to dust, into nothing but tears of two.

Because Little Diamond, your destiny is glistening for you.

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