Towers School and Sixth Form Centre


Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team 


Richard Billings

Vice Principal

Rob Gaygan

Vice Principal

Tara McVey

Vice Principal

Vicki Reed

Assistant Principal KS5

Jeremy Field

Assistant Principal KS4

Amy Kinsella

Assistant Principal KS3

Kate O’Hara

Teaching Staff

Art & Photography
Art & Photography Lead Tory Collick
Lucy Pendleton
Amanda Gregory
Mikaela Wilson
Business Studies
Business Studies Lead Kevin Murray
Simon Harnett
Tiffany Brown
Lisa Pegg
Dominic Harasiwka
Lucy Maclean
Dance KS3, KS4 & KS5 Lead Becca Gardner
Suzy Carter
Sophie Harverson
Design and Technology including Creative Craft
Design and Technology including Creative Craft Lead Tory Collick
Charlie Clarke
Beth Hothersall
Beatrice Boulant
Jo Ellse
Drama Lead Becca Gardner
English Lead Katie Taylor
Jennifer Kendal
Rhia West
Kate O’Hara
Melissa Finnis
Joanne McGarry
Samuel Gardner
Vanessa Ellmann
Corul Hawkes
Paul Fermor
Suzy Carter
Frida Arthur
Poppy Reeve
Cherith Wright
Megan-Jayne Lamb
Food KS3 & 4
Food KS3 & 4 Lead Tory Collick
Charlie Clark
Beth Hothersall
Geography Lead Ian Sanderson
Amy Singleton
Elinor Denney
Libby Howell
Health and Social Care
H & S Lead Annette Stone
Kath Nicoll
Karen Antino
History Lead Ian Sanderson
Courtney Sillett
Jennifer Keen
Kevin Murray
Adam Chapman
Kaylee Snook
Lauren Kelly
Bren Pereira
Hospitality Val Perry
Richard Billings
Geoff Brooks
Pete Hurren
David Carter
Ian Campbell
Patrick Denning
Annie Attrill
Alex Allen
Rob Gaygan
Abbie Wilson
Natalie Stafford
Modern Foreign Language
MFL Lead Katie Taylor
Tim Parker
Alex Sperling
Isabelle Lee
Linda Hill
Music Lead Becca Gardner
Rebecca Saward
Elizabeth White
Shayn Bennett
PE Lead Phoebe Giles
Keelie Northwood
Jeremy Field
Liz Adams
Jack Albin
Fawn Bulteel
Fraser Grimes
James Cook
Psychology Lead Danielle Sillett
Amy Kinsella
Religious Studies
Religious Studies Lead Danielle Sillett
Courtney Sillett
Peter Cave
Stephanie Richmond
Science Lead Annette Stone
Ciaran Becker
Richard Freeman
Rachel Johnson
Jane Crisp
Karen Antino
Jordan Pettifer
Conrad Stevens
Elanor Crovato
Sociology Lead Danielle Sillett
Andy Weedon
Vicki Reed

Sixth Form Staff

Head of Sixth Form Keelie Northwood
Careers & Progression Manager Philip Carter
Sixth Form Manager Jess Kent
Careers and Work Experience Coordinator Vickie Elson

Welfare Managers

Head of Welfare Rhia West 07475771469
Year 7 Welfare Manager Anmari Clarke 07463372042
Year 8 Welfare Manager Anne Sheppard 07463315101
Year 9 Welfare Manager Danielle Kelly 07463330987
Year 10 Welfare Manager Kris Morley

Year 11 Welfare Manager Gemma Oliver 07720592914
Sixth Form Welfare Manager Sue Barrett-Austen 07463 402504

 Support Staff

SENCO Lucy Pendleton
Student Attendance Tracey Epps
Data Protection Officer Andrew Weedon
PA to Principal Richard Billings Lucy Goodger
PA to Welfare Jo Davison
Exams Officer Jane Chivers
Finance Officer Melissa Warner
Finance and Lettings Assistant  Elvina Scamp
Finance Manager Clare Parker
Personnel Officer Natasha Cloke
Network Manager Matt Ashley
Premises Manager John Allen
Reception  Wendy Pounds/Lorraine Lyons
Data Manager Suzanne Brand
Data Admin Assistant Leila Thompson

Cover Supervisors

Jane Clarke
Elaine Holt
Yasmin Green


Bethany Heslop
Amy Jones

Homework / Prep

Term Dates


Impact Reports