Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team 


Richard Billings

Vice Principal

Rob Gaygan

Vice Principal

Tara McVey

Vice Principal

Vicki Wood

Assistant Principal

Jeremy Field

Assistant Principal

Amy Kinsella-Wood

Assistant Principal

Kate O’Hara

Assistant Principal

Rhiannon West

Director of Sixth Form

Katie Taylor-White

Teaching Staff

Art & Photography
Art & Photography Lead Tory Collick
Amanda Gregory
Mikaela Wilson
Olivia Cook
Business Studies & ICT
Business Studies & ICT Lead Simon Harnett
Kevin Murray
Lisa Pegg
Millie Campy
Jacqueline Morris
Claudia Grigore
Joseph Murray
Criminology Lead Andy Weedon
Rianna Capriotti
Jamal Sekimwanyi-Kawooya
Dance KS3, KS4 & KS5 Lead Becca Gardner
Suzy Carter
Sophie Murray
Ellie Palmer
Design and Technology
Design and Technology Tory Collick
Charlie Clarke
Beth Hothersall
Drama Lead Becca Gardner
Sam Gardner
English Lead Katie Taylor-White
Jennifer Kendal
Rhia West
Kate O’Hara
Melissa Finnis
Joanne McGarry
Sophie Sault
Corul Hawkes
Paul Fermor
Grace Diddams
Catherine Hickman
Rory Ferguson
Rachel Beach
Reem Walker
Jade Beale
Food, Hospitality and Catering
Food, Hospitality and Catering Lead KS3 & 4 Tory Collick
Charlie Clarke
Beth Hothersall
Val Perry
Cherith Wright
Hospitality and Catering Lead KS5 Simon Harnett
Geography Lead Ian Sanderson
Amy Singleton
Lelayna Bellis
Adam Chapman
Emily Holman
Kieran Webb
Jennifer Keen
Health and Social Care
H & S Lead Simon Harnett
Kath Nicoll
Karen Antino
Ellie Palmer
History Lead Andy Weedon
Jennifer Keen
Kaylee Snook
Adam Chapman
Don Potter-Edwards
Ruaidhri Carroll
Courtney Sillett
Maths Lead Annie Frampton
Patrick Denning
Richard Billings
Geoff Brooks
Pete Hurren
David Carter
Ian Campbell
Alex Allen
Rob Gaygan
Abbie Wilson
Glenn Cripps
Monika Limanowska
Shirley MacCormack
Chris McLennan
Elisabetta Bertoni
Modern Languages
MFL Lead Alex Sperling
Tim Parker
Linda Hill
Beatrice Boulant
Michelle Casey
Vanessa Sooprayen
Sophie Hughes
Stephane Richard
William Frost
Music Lead Becca Gardner
Andrew Sharps
Elizabeth Sharps
Shayn Bennett
PE Lead Phoebe Giles
Fawn Bulteel
Keelie Northwood
Jeremy Field
Liz Adams
Jack Albin
Fraser Grimes
Michael Bowerman
Prince's Trust Lucy Maclean
Psychology Lead Danielle Sillett
Amy Kinsella-Wood
Rianna Capriotti
Religious Studies
Religious Studies Lead Danielle Sillett
Lucy Maclean
Courtney Sillett
Stephanie Richmond
Science Lead Annette Stone
Ciaran Becker
Richard Freeman
Rachel Johnson
Jane Crisp
Karen Antino
Jordan Pettifer
Conrad Stevens
Hayley Mansell
Marie Stevens
Olivia Kay-Hill
Sociology Lead Andy Weedon
Jamal Sekimwanyi-Kawooya

Sixth Form

Director of Sixth Form Katie Taylor-White
Head of Sixth Form Keelie Northwood
Deputy Head of Sixth Form Geoff Brooks
Sixth Form Administration Lead Jess Kent
Sixth Form Welfare Manager Sue Barrett-Austen
Outreach Co-ordinator Kath Nicoll
Sixth Form Personal Development Lead Suzy Carter


Careers Lead Kevin Murray
Careers and Progression Manager Philip Carter
Careers Advisor Vickie Elson
Careers and Work Placement Administrator Sarah Carpenter

Welfare and Heads of Year

Head of Welfare Rhiannon West 07475771469
Head of Year 7 Kaylee Snook ext 222
Deputy Head of Year 7 Fraser Grimes ext 222
Year 7 Welfare Manager Nicola King 07463372042
Head of Year 8 Jo McGarry ext 268
Deputy Head of Year 8 Lelayna Bellis  ext 268
Year 8 Welfare Manager Gemma Oliver 07720 592914
Head of Year 9 Beth Hothersall  ext 269
Deputy Head of Year 9 Ellie Palmer  ext 269
Year 9 Welfare Manager Angie Jupe 07463 348002
Head of Year 10 Abbie Wilson & Alex Allen  ext 210

Year 10 Welfare Manager Glenda Gregan

07463 315101


Head of Year 11 Courtney Sillett

 ext 211
Deputy Head of Year 11 Ruaidhri Carroll

 ext 211
Year 11 Welfare Manager Kris Morley 07463 355483
Head of Sixth Form Keelie Northwood ext 261
Deputy Head of Sixth Form Geoff Brooks
Sixth Form Welfare Manager Sue Barrett-Austen 07463 402504
Welfare Admin  April Dehara 01233 634171 ext 214



Wendy Pounds 01233 634171 ext 239
SENCO Lucy Pendleton 01233 634171 ext 238
SENCO Assistant Lisa McKie
Teacher of SEN Anya Chapman
SEND Administration Assistant Lucy Gulbahce
Admissions 01233 634171 ext 412

Behaviour Support Unit 

Behavioural Inclusion Lead Rebecca Saward 01233 634171 ext 223
Behaviour Support Josh Tyler
HLTA Elaine Holt
Internal Suspension and Isolation Support Simon Potter

 Support Staff

Pupil Premium Lead Alex Sperling

Student Attendance Tracey Epps
Data Protection Officer Andy Weedon
Secretary to the Principal Natalie Freeland
Finance Director Clare Parker
Exams Officer Jane Chivers
Finance Officer Melissa Warner
Finance and Lettings Assistant  Elvina Scamp
Personnel Officer Natasha Cloke
Network Manager Matt Ashley
Premises Manager John Allen
Sixth Form Administration Lead Jess Kent
School Receptionist  Lorraine Lyons
Data Manager Suzanne Brand
Behaviour Data and Detention Officer Leila Thompson

Core Intervention Room Teacher Beth Heslop

First Aid Lead Debbie Jones

Attendance Officer Claire Saxby

Attendance Data Administration Kelsey Marshall

Minibus Driver Andy Halls

Office Administration Assistant Nicola Holmes

Reprographics Technician & Data Admin Kasey Searle

Teaching Assistants

Chris Britton
Terrie Ireland
Leela Gurung
Louise Partridge
Kelly Jones
Emily Field

Cover Supervisors

Robin Prior

Hayley Burke

Sarah Terry

Student Ambassadors

Darren Mitchell
Lucy Evans
Charisse Hilden
Andy Halls

Homework / Prep

Term Dates


Performing Arts

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