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Important News Post regarding Buses from Stagecoach

Kent County Council Young Person's Travel Pass and 16+Travel Cards are now accepted on all Stagecoach bus journeys in Kent (and on Stagecoach journeys that start or finish in Kent) at all times, including evenings, weekends and during school holidays. This is an additional benefit that Stagecoach has opted to provide to help children and young people get around and encourage bus use.

If you ordered a pass from KCC before the published summer deadline, you should by now have received it. KCC and Stagecoach apply an agreed grace period for the first week of term, allowing all students to travel without a pass or the payment of a fare. From 10 September, a fare will be charged if a student does not have a valid bus pass when boarding the bus. For those unable to pay the fare the driver will issue an Unpaid Fares Form a copy of which will be handed to the student. This will need to be paid as soon as possible through Stagecoach Customer Services at Canterbury Bus Station or by calling 03456 00 22 99. We work very closely with schools in this respect and will always follow up on unpaid fares.

We offer child (15 years and under) single and return fares at all times which are set at half the price of an adult fare. We also offer a very good value day ticket for unlimited travel in a local area or across the South East region - The dayrider U19 is available for children and young people aged 18 or under and can be purchased on the bus or as a smartphone ticket on the Stagecoach Bus App. Please ensure your child has a valid ticket for travel. More information is available on our website 

Please contact Stagecoach if you have any queries or call 03456 002299.

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