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Important School Trip Information

School Trips: Update 06/06/17


Over the course of the next six weeks there are due to be a number of school trips taking place. In light of current events we have taken the necessary professional advice and guidance and concluded that these trips will go ahead as scheduled.


School trips are an integral part of a child’s education and we are committed to providing all students with the chance to broaden their horizons and experience new opportunities.


If your child is due to go on a trip could we please ask that you make sure that the contact details that we have are the most relevant and up to date. Any changes and/or updates can be emailed or phoned directly through to the school. If the contact details are not complete or wrong we may refuse to take the student with us.


We are acutely aware that this is a potentially personal, sensitive and difficult time for people. Therefore, if there is anything you would like to discuss in person, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly.


Rob Gaygan

Vice Principal


Phone: 07988655285


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