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Measles, Chickenpox & Shingles

Dear Parents/Carers,

Re: Measles, Chickenpox and Shingles

I am writing to ask for your cooperation with a very important and sensitive matter.

We currently have a pupil in school who is receiving medical treatment for cancer. The pupil is still attending school when their health, treatment and general well-being allows them to. However, the school, parents and pupil in question are taking things on a day by day basis.

Due to the nature of the condition and the subsequent treatment that they are receiving, they are currently at an increased risk of becoming seriously ill if they are exposed to anybody who has measles, chicken pox or shingles.

The best way to protect all children from measles is for them to be immunised against it and this is something which can be organised and administered via your GP, if your child has not already received it.

For the foreseeable future could we ask that if your child is suspected of having measles or chickenpox, you inform the school immediately. As a precaution could we also ask that you inform us if somebody within your immediate family circle is taken ill with either chicken pox or measles.

It goes without saying that your child is not at any risk whatsoever from this situation. However, the health and well-being of an individual student is and we would like to do everything we can to support and mitigate the risk while they and their family go through this physically and emotional draining time.

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding with this matter.

Rob Gaygan

Vice Principal

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