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The STEM club attendees have worked tremendously hard this academic year. Some of the highlights this year include their courage to take part in the national competition, Secondary Engineer Leaders Award- "If You Were an Engineer, What Would You Do?". This competition required pupils to come up with a solution to a real life problem. About 48,420 pupils from the whole of UK took part in this competition with about 3,000 coming from the South East. 

In the end, it took 57 judges to sift through all of the different projects and to decide on which pupils from each year group must be crowned a winner. Samuel Storey from Towers was the only honourable winner from year 7 and from the whole of the South East. Samuel designed a drone called Litter Picker Drone (LPD) that was to help get rid of all the chewing gum that was ruining our environment. From my point of view, Samuel's contribution took us one step towards solving the plastic waste dilemma. Photos below are moments from that memorable occasion when Samuel was invited onto the stage. 

To add to this, for year 8, the projects of two other pupils from Towers; Jessica Batson and Roshika Thapa were shortlisted and displayed at CCCU.  

These pupils have made themselves, their parents and Towers proud, "proud to be Towers!".

TRIP- The Big Bang

This was another successful trip to Discovery Park at Sandwich on 1st March 2019. STEM club attendees clearly enjoyed the trip, interacted with different people from local companies and organisations. The pupils took part in challenges and discovered new horizons. I think the trip also helped them to put their science knowledge into context and to evaluate the various career pathways available to them. 





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