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Sixth Form Student Hospitality Visit to London Hotels

Sixth form Catering students were given the opportunity to spend the day in London to visit Harrods, Preferred Hotels and Resorts London office, The Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair and Dukes Hotel - St James.

Our day started with a guided tour of Harrods which is one of the oldest shops in London. As chefs we wanted to see the food halls,  they were a sight to behold with artisan breads, pastries, beautiful cakes and tarts, fantastic handmade chocolates and so many different fruits, vegetables and large joints of meat. The smell of freshly ground coffee was amazing! The whole place was so well designed and decorated. The restaurants had such lovely furniture in them it has given us some ideas for our restaurant within the school. We really could have stayed there all day.

The staff were really lovely and went out of their way to explain to us about apprenticeships within the company and how we could get work experience with them in all areas of their business.   

Our next appointment was with Preferred Hotels and Resorts London office. Here we were introduced to the staff and given lunch which was very welcoming. This part of the day was something we had not really thought about as we are training as chefs. It was interesting to be given ideas of what is available within other areas of the trade and how companies go about getting customers. It was good to hear from some of the executive sale reps from all over the world who had called into the offices while we were there.

The Dorchester Hotel:

We have heard a lot about this place as our Chef attended a competition dinner here some years ago and was impressed with it. This is such a large hotel with a lot to offer its customers, it was old fashioned in its décor but the restaurants and bars were lovely. The kitchen was huge with so much equipment and really clean. The chefs were very smartly dressed and seemed relaxed in their tasks.

We would have liked to have seen some menus and to have tasted or seen some of the dishes made up and garnished. However, we did get to see afternoon tea leaving the kitchen which looked delicious.

One of our students was even offered work experience or an apprenticeship within the Hotel!

Dukes Hotel:

We all really loved this hotel it had a very friendly feel to it as you walked in. The uniforms of the door man were great, loved the hats. The presentation was very informative and aimed at us starting out in our careers. We would have liked a look in the kitchen, the restaurant décor was very clean with an American feel to it. This hotel was like a secret get away, quiet and full of history. A few students were offered apprenticeships and summer work experience.

The whole day was really worth it as it gave us a good insight as to where we could go after our training and area to explore besides the kitchen.





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