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In October 2016, our previous grading led to us taking a step back and asking ourselves the question, ‘What makes an exceptional school?’ We looked to the evidence that is out there, using research and the very best ideas from academies, maintained schools, free schools and the independent sector. We visited successful schools and saw what was truly possible: If you create the right conditions where teachers can teach and students can learn, if you raise the bar, zooming in and focusing on every last detail, if you build a culture where everyone buys in to the collective vision, you build a school where every child will succeed.

So, we launched our new vision in January 2017, at the heart of which was a drive to increase expectations for all.  Our curriculum was developed, we introduced new policies and procedures and shared our vision with students, staff and parents who absolutely took on board our high expectations. This vision was recognised in our Ofsted monitoring visit of November 2017 who told us that we had, ‘established a clear and ambitious vision for the school and inspired staff and pupils to raise their aspirations; established high academic and behavioural expectations for every member of the community; transformed the culture of the school. ‘

We had seen what we wanted to be, we created the conditions and we became that school - a school which is full of happy, respectful and hardworking students; a school whose teaching is based on a rich and rigorous, knowledge driven curriculum; a school of which we are incredibly proud.

So, we are very pleased that our hard work has been recognised that we wanted to share a few of the key Ofsted comments with you.

The full report is attached for you to read at your leisure.

Thank you to all of our parents who responded so positively to the online survey. And thank you for your ongoing support.


Ofsted Section 8 - November 2017

Our recent Section 8 Ofsted inspection confirmed everything we have striven so hard to achieve over the past few years. We are extremely proud of our updated behaviour system and the changes we have made to our curriculum, and so it was fantastic to see the hard work of both staff and students recognised officially. Ofsted noted that;

"You have inspired your staff and pupils to raise their aspirations and, as a consequence, a passion for success may be seen throughout the school".
"Pupils and staff are excited to be part of Towers and can see the rapid progress that they are making".

 "Pupils like the fact that staff at Towers are ‘strict because [you] care’ and they rise to meet the high expectations that have been established. Although behaviour was already judged to be good in the previous inspection, pupils told me that it was ‘even better’ now and that they could focus on their learning and so make faster progress."

 "Alongside the school’s improving overall standards, which can be seen reflected in the school’s ‘best ever’ GCSE results in 2017, you have improved the progress of pupils who are disadvantaged."

 "Staff told me that the training and support have been ‘inspirational’". 

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