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Online accounts and third party access

Towers School uses Google Apps for Education for pupils and staff.  All of Google services are available to each pupil and hosted by Google as part of the school’s online presence in Google Workspace for Education. Students have access to Google Mail which is an individual email account for school use managed by the school. They also have access to Google Calendar which is an individual calendar providing the ability to organise schedules, daily activities and assignments. Students also have access to Google Docs and Slides - a word processing, spreadsheet/slides, drawing, and presentation toolset that is very similar to Microsoft Office Sites - an individual and collaborative website creation tool. Using these tools, pupils collaboratively create, edit and share files and websites for school related projects and communicate via email with other pupils and members of staff.  These services are entirely online and available 24/7 from any Internet-connected computer.  The school believes that use of the tools significantly adds to your child’s educational experience. 

Below are all the third parties that Towers school have allowed access via the students Google account login, This also specifies their intended use.

Third Party App


Information Stared


Used for the creation of a campaign for change materials for Unit 1 controlled assessment of the Criminology diploma.

Basic login information, Name and profile photo

Access to created files

Dr Frost Maths

Online platform for Maths homework and revision

Basic login information, Name and profile photo


Languagenut is used as integral part of both language classroom teaching and homework.

Basic login information, Name and profile photo


Video lectures

Basic login information, Name and profile photo

No More Marking

Assessment comparative judgement

Basic login information, Name and profile photo

Seneca Learning

Revision for most Subjects

Basic login information, Name and profile photo



Onshape Education is a version of PTC Inc’s Onshape SaaS CAD product that has been developed for use in schools and colleges. Onshape Education is the only fully online, cloud-based CAD system that enables remote learning and instruction. It runs on all computers, tablets and mobile devices. Onshape is built for virtual teams and allows real-time collaboration for students and teachers.
Basic login information, Name, Geolocation, Records of grade and certification within Onshape

The Google Workspace for Education Privacy Notice describes how Google products and services collect and use information when used with Google Workspace for Education accounts.

The Department for Education has published advice and information regarding Cloud (educational apps) software services and the Data Protection Act here:

Homework / Prep

Term Dates


Performing Arts

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