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Google Classroom VLE - all year groups 

Google classroom is a learning platform that allows teachers to communicate and set work easily and paperless. Teachers set up their classroom and invite their students to join via email.

Once they have, students can access lesson resources, homework assignments and other learning tools. They can hand in work via the classroom, ask questions of the teacher and even work together to collaborate.

Parents can be invited to join the classroom. When a teacher invites a parent to Classroom, they can see daily and weekly summaries of what their child has accomplished and view any class announcements.

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Doddle is our skills based programme which tracks students understanding of the skills and knowledge that they cover in each of their subjects. 

Doddle is designed to help students do more and stay motivated outside of the classroom. they can access resources related to the areas that they have yet to master, enabling them to make progress, wherever they are, this however, is not compulsory.

Doddle it's adaptable to student needs: Doddle keeps them organised and encourages independent learning – and it works on whatever device they prefer to use.

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Information for parents: click here 

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All students have a school email which they can log into by clicking here. 

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