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Our Core Intervention Programmes


Our core intervention programmes are intended to maximise teaching and learning. Where student’s behaviour is disrupting their learning, or the learning of others, they can be removed from mainstream lessons, thereby allowing teaching and learning to take place. These programmes ensure that students who are removed from timetabled lessons can continue to learn and make a return to mainstream lessons at the earliest opportunity. Our unique programmes provide the structure, boundaries and support which students require in order to make a success of their time at Towers School. The following programmes operate from our suite of rooms in the Towers Too building.

Isolation – One or two periods out of class as a sanction and time for reflection.

The Renaissance Centre – Key Stage 3 Nurture Group.

Pathways – Key Stage 4 Tutor Support.

Hopewell – Key Stage 3 and 4 one day respite and restorative approaches.


Further Focused Interventions

Within these centres we provide further interventions which are open to all students who need focussed, short term support. These programmes address issues relating to behaviour; self-esteem; resilience; expressing feelings; impulse and anger management; social interaction; well-being and internalising control. These interventions are small group programmes which are offered throughout the school year.


Twi-light in Pathways – 14:30 – 16:30. Key Stage 4 students who are unable to attend during standard school hours due to behavioural issues.

Fishing – Monday 12:00 – 14:30. An opportunity for students to work with qualified coaches and learn skills from each other.

Getting it Right – Key Stage 3 programme which explores experiences of exclusion. 6 x 2 hours over 6 weeks.

Impulse Management – A programme aimed at understanding and developing strategies to control anger and impulsive behaviour. 6 x 2 hours over 6 weeks.

Who Am I? – Key Stage 3 programme which targets students who are struggling with the transition to secondary school.

Growing Up – A horticulture based programme where students grow plants and vegetables from seed and assist the school’s landscaper to grow plants, prepare and plant out beds, planters and baskets. This programme leads to AQA and BTEC accreditation.

Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills – A BTEC qualification in cooking. 2 hours a week.

Drawing and Talking Therapy – A Six Week, 1 hour a week, one to one short term intervention which allows students to express feelings through symbolic representation.



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