Towers School and Sixth Form Centre


Our Core Intervention Programmes


Our core intervention programmes are intended to maximise teaching and learning. Where student’s behaviour, attitude and outside influences are disrupting their learning, or the learning of others, they can be removed from mainstream lessons, thereby allowing teaching and learning to take place. These programmes ensure that students who are removed from mainstream timetabled lessons can continue to learn and make a return to the main body of the school at the earliest opportunity. Our unique programmes provide the structure, boundaries and support which students require in order to make a success of their time at Towers School.

Isolation – One or two periods out of class as a sanction and time for reflection.

Internal Exclusion - 1-5 days to ensure students are sanctioned for poor behaviour but can continue to study and avoid falling behind in their individual subjects.

Alternative Provision - We provide a range of full time and part time pathways to support students of both pre and post 16 age groups, to maximise their potential and to provide opportunities to gain qualifications that can enhance their chances of future success. These provisions can take place during or after the school hours as appropriate to the individual student.

Further Focused Support

Within these areas we provide further interventions which are open to all students who need focused, short term support. These programmes address issues relating to behaviour; self-esteem; resilience; expressing feelings; impulse and anger management; social interaction; well-being and internalising control. These interventions are small group programmes which are offered throughout the school year in addition to our rich PSHE curriculum. All students are also provided with career guidance to support their future aspirations.


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