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Our Expectations of all Students 

As a school, everyone to be clear about the expectations. So far, the entire school community has been supportive of the journey we have taken, speaking positively about the changes they have seen. We now aim even higher because we believe in the potential of our students. All of our students deserve the chance to be the very best that they can be.

In order to achieve this, we need wholehearted support from all our families. In choosing to attend Towers, families are making the choice to follow all of our systems.

Expectations of all:

In the Classroom

Our Expectations of Behaviour & Uniform 

We know that students who wish to succeed take pride in themselves and in our school.

We will no longer use the language of warnings. We will correct students on their behaviour when necessary.

Students must trust that teachers’ instructions are to help them be successful. If an adult tells a student to do something, we expect it to be done straight away. If a student feels unfairly treated, they must still follow the instruction first time, every time. Later, in their own time, students may approach the adult to politely ask to discuss the situation.


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