Towers School and Sixth Form Centre

Our vision and Objectives

The aim of The Rashford Centre is to provide a safe, secure environment for students to be supported in adapting their behaviour to enable them to be more successful learners.  The Rashford Centre aims to remove excuses and barriers to learning, to improve attitude, self belief, attainment, attendance, heal student/school parent/school relationships whilst being consistent, firm and true to our whole school values and ethos. The centre aims to communicate transparently and effectively with all stakeholders.

A successful Alternative Provision would see a reduction in internal suspensions, fixed term suspension, isolations and detentions students across the school.  

The mission of The Rashford Centre is not to remove students permanently from mainstream lessons, but instead be a supportive structure to ensure that Towers School is a fully inclusive community where all students can be successful and realise their potential.

Homework / Prep

Term Dates


Performing Arts

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