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Pre-loved Uniform


We know that uniform can be an expensive requirement for our families and, with this in mind, we want to help our school community by making good quality pre-loved uniforms easily available to everyone. Many items of uniform have a longer life beyond the point when our pupils have outgrown them and could be re-used by another pupil. As well as saving families money, re-using uniforms also reduces our impact on the environment. 

The success of any second-hand uniform scheme will rely on the quality and quantity of available uniform.

To support our scheme, we are asking families to donate any unwanted items of uniform that are in good condition and could be worn by another pupil. 


Please donate items that are:

Unfortunately, we cannot accept items that are: 

In good, clean condition 


Branded items:

  • PE kit 
  • School tie
  • School skirt 
  • School blazer 


Non-branded items:

  • Trousers
  • Shirts
  • Non branded PE kit
  • School shoes
  • Coats
  • Revision books


  • Ripped or torn
  • Stained or marked
  • Dirty/unwashed

If you have any uniform items in good condition that your child no longer wears, we would be very grateful if you would consider donating them to the school. Please donate items in a clean and dry condition.

We will be collecting uniforms:

Once we have a stock of uniforms, details of how to access our pre-loved uniform will be available on our school website and sent out to parents via email. 

With the continued rise in household costs, we hope this initiative can make a small difference by helping some of our families to access free uniforms. 

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