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Our Prefects at Towers have various responsibilities across the school. As well as supporting at various events such as Open Evenings, Year Six Transition week and Awards Evening, Prefects support students in younger year groups, working alongside DR teachers in order to provide guidance to those students.

Year Ten students apply to become Prefects towards the end of year ten. They are expected to write a cover letter and CV and complete a reference form. Applicants are then asked to take part in group interviews. Both the Head of Year Ten and Head of Year Eleven, along with members of the Senior Leadership Team, the Welfare team and their DR Teachers, then make the final decisions as to who will become a Prefect.

Students will be in their Prefect role from Term 6 of Year Ten to Term 5 of Year Eleven. Prefects given a Prefect blazer, tie and Prefect badge for the duration of their role as a Prefect.

We are extremely proud of our current Prefects and all the students who applied for the role this year.

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