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As a school, we need everyone to be clear about the expectations. We aim higher because we believe in the potential of our students.

Expectations of all:

We know that students who wish to succeed, take pride in themselves and in our school: We correct students on their behaviour when necessary

Where students do not adhere to school expectations, consequences will follow. Consequences are necessary in order to teach students to take personal responsibility

 Expectations in the classroom 

Expectations of Uniform 

If students do not meet these expectations but cannot correct because they are missing an item or wearing an inappropriate item, they will be sent home to correct. If this is not possible, they will be isolated all day that day and must be in proper uniform the next time they attend school.  

All of these actions are taken to ensure that all students take pride in their appearance and that our students are treated fairly. It is unfair if the vast majority of students keep to the dress code and some do not.

Expectations of Behaviour 

 We know that students who wish to succeed take pride in themselves and in our school.

We will no longer use the language of warnings. We will correct students on their behaviour when necessary.

 Students must trust that teachers’ instructions are to help them be successful. If an adult tells a student to do something, we expect it to be done straight away. If a student feels unfairly treated, they must still follow the instruction first time, every time. Later, in their own time, students may approach the adult to politely ask to discuss the situation.

Pride Reward System

The rewards system focuses on five attributes that can be conferred through and developed within a variety of subjects.

These have been identified as core attributes that would contribute to success both in school and the wider world beyond. They are: Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication.

Towers PRIDE is about Towers students taking personal responsibility and choosing the right thing to do in lessons, therefore building a solid work ethic which promotes learning and achievement.

Tutors receive weekly updates for the students in their tutor group. These are reviewed on Monday mornings allowing tutors to offer support, advice and/or congratulations to students for their achievements. The system collates all the PRIDES and those students reaching 60+ PRIDE points are invited to tea and cake with the Principal at the end of each Autumn, Spring and Summer term. 

Detentions & Isolation 

 Consequences are necessary in order to teach students to take personal responsibility.



Please email Mr. Field Assistant Principal for Behaviour for Learning for further information


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