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 Our Prefects

At Towers School, the role of a prefect is both rewarding and challenging. Our prefects begin their roles as they embark on their final year of studies. The selection process is rigorous and applicants are appointed based on their contribution to the school community, academic achievement, attendance record and interview performance. 

Prefects have additional responsibilities and expectations beyond those which we expect of all students. They play an important role in ensuring that the school values are carried and maintained by all students. Prefects are expected to set the standard by which other students will measure themselves and to do and be the best that they can be as vital members of the school community. 

Prefects can be recognised by their distinctive black and gold blazers, ties and prefect badges which are worn with pride. They have a number of roles including duties, meeting and greeting visitors and helping to run events. The Class of 2023 has 14 prefects who are all committed to giving back to their school community and have big ideas for the academic year and are #proudtobetowers.

Our 2023 prefects are:

Ivannah Adaji

Oluwafisayomi (Fissy) Adenmosun 

Julia Alexander

Millie Garrish

Chloe Joyce

Dipasa Kandangwa

Amber Kennedy

Lucas Large

Sebastian McCall

George McLaren

Louise Moorey 

Imani Owade

Esther Parker

Phoenix Renton

Hayden Rolfe 

Olivia Smith

Eva-May Stone

Lily Strachan

Muzainah Usman

Shiloh Villion

Zephyr Von Arni

Alex Weller

Olivia White

Penelope Williams





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