Towers School and Sixth Form Centre


The Rashford Centre offers bespoke interventions for all of its students.  This includes the students that access the provision full time or on a bespoke basis.  All interventions are organised and managed by Josh Tyler - Intervention Coordinator.

1-2-1 Mentoring from Subject Specialists

During our normal school day we are lucky enough to be able to have subject specific teachers deliver individual and bespoke sessions to our students who have either been removed from another subject or who have missed a large amount of content. Each session lasts a normal school period and the content and delivery is completely bespoke to each student. We have 12 subject specialists that deliver the Maths, English and Science. They have been handpicked due to their ability and skillset to work with these students. 

Forest School (Trailblazers) - There are the two different provisions within this

 Trail Blazers Education is an off site Forest School that we pay to access 

During a typical day at Forest School students will work on their social skills through different team building activities as well as completing other activities more commonly associated with a forest school. Students are able to access both maths and English sessions on a small group basis during the day as well.

The common theme that underpins what Trail Blazers are all about is Social Emotional Mental Health. Each student has a “diary” that they fill in to keep a log of how they are feeling, whether anything is bothering, upsetting or angering them. Daily logs are recorded on each student.

A link to the trailblazers website can be accessed below.

Rugby Intervention

 Our rugby intervention is run by an external rugby coach, Darren Reeves. Each session runs for 90 minutes, from 09:00 - 10:30. During each session students work on their social skills through a variety of rugby based activities and games. The main focus of each session is the 5 Cs:






This intervention is fully funded by the Rugby Football Union and is supported by the wooden spoon support group.

Personal Training and Mentoring

The mentoring sessions are completed on a one to one basis or as a pair and are run by our boxing coach and mentor, Jez. Each session lasts for one period of our school day and during a typical session Jez will take each student (or pair) to complete a form of physical activity, typically this would be boxing or basketball.

During this time Jez will talk to the students about anything that may be worrying them or anything that they may be anxious about. If the weather is not great or the student says they are anxious about a particular piece of work, Jez will work in our second classroom with them on that piece of work or subject. Jez works two days per week with us and builds strong and meaningful relationships with students in a way that is different to the traditional teacher - student relationship.

Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) - Mentoring programme

 Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) is a non-profit organisation that operates in South East London and part of Kent delivering a variety of projects and activities that aim to bring about social change, empower individuals and address issues around health, crime and education and employment. They have three core outcomes which underpin its work in the community:

CACT work with a number of students within The Rashford Centre on a one-on-one basis, supporting their physical and mental problems, working through issues and building confidence and resilience that they can take into the classroom environment

Homework / Prep

Term Dates


Performing Arts

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