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Welcome to the Towers School Student Council

The Student Council consists of 14 members who have a personal manifesto each outlining our intentions and how to work as a group to move in a positive and mature fashion.

We have already discussed how to create a peer mentoring scheme within the school and how mental health is acknowledged and helped throughout the Towers community.

The council are passionate about postive behaviour and promoting merits across the school. We are working on how to create a more balanced merit system and working towards the possibility of something more exciting happening for all those students who have worked hard to celebrate those who are always the best version of themselves.

We have already debated how to encourage a more rewarding system with staff and how all students are acknowledged more in the school community. We have spoken fondly of the golden ticket scheme and how to use this further to encourage students to see the benefit in working hard in every lesson.

Let us Introduce Ourselves

In order for you to get a better idea of who we are, we woulld like to invite you to watch our little video and read our bios so that you can learn a little bit more about us all.

Welcome to The Student Council

Will - Year 11

I want what is best for every student within the school and want to improve how the school works by supporting the merit system I also serve by what students tell me to do. My favourite subjects are History and English and in my spare time i enjoy walking.

Robyn - Year 8

My favourite subject is PE. and I wanted to be on the school council because I want to make a difference and help with the mental health side of Towers. 

 Amelia - Year 9

My favourite subject is PE and I also love playing football. I wanted to be on the school council to improve people's mental health. 

Ben - Year 11

I am the student monitor of the mental health team within the school council. I like going fishing with my mates so maybe we have something in common to talk about?

Amelia - Year 8

I like football and My favourite subjects are art and PE. I am a school council member because I want to make everyone feel as if they have someone to talk to and so no one feels they aren't a part of Towers school.

Michael - Year 8

My favourite subject is P.E and I enjoy helping people.I  love being a part of the student council because we create a voice for the students.

Maddie - Year 10

I’m in year 10 and I wanted to be in the student council to make a change to the school for the best and to make all the rules equal to each other. We have been working hard throughout this past year and I hope we make a successful change for everyone.

Reggie - Year 8

I am a part of the Towers Student Council because I would like our students to be happy and enjoy going to school. Also I am really determined to help students become the best version of themselves.   

Ela - Year 11

I will be representing you all as head of the school council team. My agenda is to make valuable contributions to ameliorate the schools behaviour system. We are here together. We shall bring change. 

Sarena - Year 13

My favourite subject is history and I like to play piano outside school. I’m part of the student council mental health team and I joined the student council because I feel it is important to have a representative for students to speak out on their opinions.


 What Is on our agenda

Celebrating the successes of those who have achieved across the year

 Success and progress

July saw the first ever celbration day. 225 students who have never had a demerit or detention were invited to spend the day of timetable taking parting in a series of activities and games including; archery, zorbing, inflatable Nerf attack and football, to name but a few. This was achieved through partnership between the Senior LEadership Team and The School Council



Homework / Prep

Term Dates


Performing Arts

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