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Towers Scholar Programme

Dear Parent/Carer,

We are excited to launch the Towers Scholar programme this term for year 7 and 8 students. This brand new programme gives students the opportunity to attend a mini-lecture on a variety of topics that students do not normally get the opportunity to learn in school.

The Towers Scholar programme will run in enrichment time on a Wednesday. Students can sign up to attend in the canteen before school or during lunchtime.

Students who attend all four lectures in term 4 will become a Towers Bronze Scholar, if they then attend four lectures in term 5 they will graduate as a Towers Silver Scholar and if they attend four lectures in term 6 they will graduate as a Towers Gold Scholar. Students will be awarded badges at each stage, which they can wear proudly on their blazers.

Term 6 timetable

6th June

The Titanic

14th June

The sun, the ozone layer and the skin

20th June

The history of everyday objects

4th July

What is Independence Day? Why do Americans celebrate it?

11th July

The history of comedy

Term 5 timetable

25th April

Who was Elvis Presley?

2nd May

The truth behind the fairytales

9th May

Horrible History

16th May

Sir Roger Bannister and the 4 minute mile

23rd May

Is there life on other planets and how do we look for it?

Term 4 timetable

7th March

The importance of people breaking gender stereotypes in history

14th March

All the World's a Stage

21st March

Space travel

28th March

Schools of philosophy 


Homework / Prep

Impact Report