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Here at Towers Sixth Form we are keen to ensure our students are preparing for their next step as well as studying to complete this one!

For those who are considering university as their next step, we have our own in-house UCAS advisor, who will ensure your university application is submitted on time and is as good as it can possibly be.

We have excellent ties with local universities and we arrange many trips, talks and master classes with them throughout the year.

For those of you who want to check out the UCAS website, it can be found at

If you are concerned about student finance, you are welcome to speak to our UCAS advisor, or take a look at Student Finance England.

University Preparations

In Year 12, students will attend the Higher Education Exhibition and Conference at which a large number of universities and employers are represented. This marks the start of our UCAS preparation work within school which continues until all students have either submitted a UCAS application or made firm plans about their future. Our students go on to excel at a wide range of universities and we will help you research, plan and complete applications and help you prepare for interviews.

UCAS Parent Guide - click here

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