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Year 10

Message for Year 10

Dear Year 10, 

In the small amount of time I have been your Head of Year, I have been astounded by the levels of dedication and effort you’ve been putting in. From the students who have been so active in producing pieces for Performing Arts, to the students who have been acting on feedback from their teachers, constantly seeking to improve their work. The students who consistently submit work for all of their subjects, and the students who have communicated with their teachers, asking for help if they need it.  Each and every day, something has impressed me. 

All of these things (and more, of course) are what makes you great. They show me that you won’t be just any year 11 students- you will be Towers School Class of 2021 Year 11 students, and that means something. It means that you’ll continue to face challenges head on. It means that you will know you can do anything you put your mind to. It means you will be able to put one foot in front of the other to work towards your goals, even when times are tough.

When the time is right, I can’t wait to see all of your faces in school where I can congratulate you on your hard work so far in person. Until then, carry on being the best versions of yourselves.

Stay safe and carry on washing those hands…

Miss C Sillett

Welcome Back Year 10

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Remote Learning

Student Guide

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 Parent Guide

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How to Revise

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Super Curriculum

At Towers School we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities. The ‘extra’ refers to an activity being outside of your regular curriculum. This might include doing a sport such as American Football, or enrolling in a First Aid course. Super-curricular activities are those that take your regular curriculum further. They take the subjects that you study in the classroom beyond that which your teacher has taught you or what you have done for homework. For example, you may go into more depth on something you picked up in the classroom, or learn about a new topic altogether.

These activities take a wide variety of forms, including reading, watching videos, independent research, and visiting places of interest.  Each student in years 7-11 has been provided with a super-curriculum booklet detailing these activities.

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Unifrog - Helping students find their future

Unifrog is a complete destinations platform that allows students to search for opportunities and make applications for their next steps. Click here to sign in.

If you are having trouble logging in or would like more information, please contact Mrs Elson -

Year 10

Head of Year 10

Mrs McGarry


Welfare Manager

Gemma Oliver



To contact the Head of Year or Welfare Manager, please call 01233 634171 ext 269.

The Head of Year is a member of our teaching staff who will work closely with our welfare team and will work to ensure the achievement and progress of an academic year group, providing support to tutors and parents to impact positively on student engagement and outcomes

In order to ensure that you are able to contact the correct member of staff with any queries you may have, please see the below breakdown. If you are uncertain, please call reception (01233 634171) who can help direct you to the relevant member of staff. Or you can email reception with your query and they will forward this to the relevant member of staff (

Welfare Manager - our Welfare Manager’s role has not changed; they will continue to support students and work closely with parents dealing with:  

  • Emotional concerns  
  • Peer to peer interactions
  • Out of school issues that could impact on the student in school
  • Any non-academic queries regarding a student

Head of Year - our Heads of Year will be happy to deal with:

  • Queries with behaviour for learning, detentions, isolation or internal exclusion.
  • Uniform/equipment.
  • Questions about a students overall academic progress.
  • Whole year group information. For example: parents evenings, open afternoons, expectation evenings etc.

Heads of Year will join their year group for family lunch so that students have daily contact with them. Heads of Year are classroom teachers and as such are contactable predominantly outside of the teaching day. This means they are likely to reply/ have meetings before 9:00 am or after 3:00 pm. For an urgent enquiry we suggest you call/email reception who will direct you to a member of staff to help.

Faculty Leads - They lead the team of teachers for each subject. You can contact a faculty lead for any subject specific questions such as:

  • Student progress in a specific subject.
  • Query about homework.
  • Test results.
  • Behaviour for learning in a particular subject.

All the faculty leads details are on our website under the ‘meet our staff’ tab. Or, please call or email reception who will pass your enquiry to the relevant member of staff.

Parent Handbook


 Improve Grades














































 Improve Your Grades Now 


Just 1 day missed every 2 weeks = 10% absence 

This is ONE WHOLE MONTH every year


Family Learning Evening

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Assessment, Recording and Reporting (ARR)

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Year 10 Newsletter

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Year 10 Work Experience

Dear Parents/Carers

It is with great sadness that we have had to make the decision to cancel this year’s work experience for our year ten students. 

At present, we are unsure when we are likely to return to school and therefore, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to support both our students and the businesses that our students have chosen to attend. Further to this, with the economic state that we find ourselves in, it puts unnecessary pressures on businesses within our community during these unprecedented times.

We are looking into the possibility that our students could complete a work placement during the two week October half term for a week, however, we will review this in the coming weeks and, if we decide to go ahead, contact you with further information regarding this.

If Transition week for year six students still takes place, we may well ask for students to support us in helping as Transition Support helpers. If your child has applied to do this, I will be in touch with them soon.

In the meantime, I would ask that you support your child in helping them to contact the business they have chosen for their work placement to explain that their placement will not take place. In order to help them to do this, I have sent an email to our year ten students with guidance as to the letter/email that they can use when contacting them. I have also added this to their work experience Google classroom.

Finally, we would like to thank you for all the support you have given to help your child in finding a placement. The skills they have learnt from writing a covering letter to creating a CV and contacting businesses, will hold them in good stead regardless of not being able to complete their placement. I am extremely proud of each student for working hard to find a placement and hopefully we can find an alternative time that they can complete this experience.

All the best,

Joanne McGarry



Homework / Prep

Term Dates


Performing Arts